As a personal trainer, my mission has always been to educate and motivate people to achieve amazing results through sport and exercise. Getting the best out of people is something I am extremely passionate about and knowing that I’m helping others brings me great satisfaction. I’ve always wanted to have a career where I can impact people’s lives for the better and improve the overall quality of living for that individual. I’m a strong believer that sport, exercise and quality nutrition provides the answer to living a better quality of life. Whether you keep the heart and lungs ticking over through cardiovascular fitness or stimulating tissue and looking after joint health through resistance & strength training, you only get one body, so you may as well look after it.

I am going to discuss some of the key reasons for becoming a personal trainer and some of the big changes I have noticed to the fitness industry within the last decade. I will highlight some of the pros and cons these key changes have undoubtedly had on the industry and my prediction for future developments in the world of health and fitness.



Do what I was born to do:


Sport and exercise have been my life since I was 6 years old when I first started competing against others. I began playing club football at U7’S age group and since then I have always been involved in a sporting environment. After leaving school I went onto study Sport Development and fitness at college for 3 years and then a further 3 years studying sociology of sport at university. I have spent a lot of time, effort and money on my education and it’s an investment I would do 10 times over. I always wanted to have a career in the fitness industry and becoming a personal trainer is a dream come true. My thirst for knowledge still continues as I look towards the future.

 Do what I was born to do


Influence and change people’s lives for the better:


Something I have always been incredibly passionate about is having a career where you have the ability to make a positive impact on someone’s life. Personal training is a fantastic way of helping and providing powerful information to clients in order for them to express themselves through the use of their bodies. Something that especially brings me a lot of satisfaction is helping people achieve things they didn’t think was possible. My aim as a personal trainer is always to provide clients with the best possible platform for them to showcase their potential and achieve some amazing results. I believe one of my strongest assets from a coaching perspective is my ability to get the most out of people and inspire self-belief. Something I see time and time again especially with clients that have little fitness history is the sheer lack of self-belief. This is such an important trait and having a weakness in this area will make the fitness journey much harder. Filling people with confidence and motivating individuals to want and do more is something I hold in high regard. Check out my testimonial page for inspirational success stories.

 Influence and change people’s lives for the better


Passionate about leading by example:


I would never ask my clients to do something I haven’t already experienced. When I’m developing a program for an individual more often than not I have already performed that movement. The benefit of this is that I am able to coach that particular movement with the correct execution and teaching points. If someone approached me and wanted me to teach them how to perform a double pike (gymnastic move) I wouldn’t be qualified to coach the movement. What I am trying to say is that a personal trainer is not a jack of all trades and careful consideration should be taken when looking to work with the appropriate one.

If you asked me what I expect and want from my clients it would be for them to give me everything. All I ever ask is for individuals to turn up and give me their best efforts and have a burning desire to want more from me and themselves. Personally, I live for the uncomfortable moments in sport and when you live in this world of darkness it’s amazing what results can be achieved. This is something I always try and get across to the people I work with, this is really where the magic happens and once you have mastered how to live in the darkness you can then begin to believe anything’s possible. For more information on what it takes to achieve amazing results see my previous blog “It’s a results business”.

 Passionate about leading by example


Personal trainers being fast-tracked and thrown in the deep end:


Becoming a qualified personal trainer has never been so popular and within the last decade the industry has seen a massive rise in this profession. Over the last few years, there have been more and more fast-track courses available for people to become qualified in as little as 6 weeks. Now, I’m not against this as I came from a course that lasted around this time frame. However, I had spent 6 years studying sport-related courses at college and university prior to qualifying. This is not to mention the hours and years of coaching within primary schools, colleges, academies, and universities. The point I am making is that I had previous experience of sport and fitness before becoming a qualified trainer.   

If you are someone completely new to the fitness world and have decided on a career change, be aware that a fast track course will not be an ever ending fountain of knowledge. This is where YOU as a new trainer have to become engrossed in wanting to research and continue learning more to provide a better quality of service.

One of the daunting prospects a newly qualified personal trainer faces begins right from day one. So you’re qualified, now what?

  • No clients
  • No transformations
  • No referral scheme in place
  • No one shouting your name from the rooftops
  • No website
  • No social media showcasing your skill set
  • No Income

The first 6 months as a newly qualified personal trainer is absolutely crucial to whether you are going to sink or swim. Have you got the drive to get out of bed in a morning and make things happen or will you sit around waiting for a magic lamp to rub? 

Personal trainers being fast-tracked and thrown in the deep end


The impact of social media:


Negatives – 


With the ever-growing amount of fitness accounts bursting across social media, it can become a challenging ordeal trying to dissect information that doesn’t contradict one another. Something that is very common these days is the amount of unqualified active accounts online that provide false information that is not scientifically backed. In recent times I have seen made up exercises that claim to be the next best ‘booty builder’ or drink this tea and it will get you shredded. These people are not experts in the industry and although they are entitled to share their opinion, it does lead to more misleading information.

Another big change that social media has heavily influenced is the number of online coaches that have surfaced. There are some really good online coaches out there that have proven their worth. However, there are far too many people jumping on the bandwagon selling cookie cutter programs that basically rob people of their hard earned money.

The impact of social media - Negatives


Positives – 


Social media has burst into life over the last decade and it’s become a fantastic way of being able to connect with people. You can now follow and connect with people online that have similar interests to you, this is always helpful when it comes to inspiration and motivation. As a personal trainer, social media now plays a massive role in terms of being able to reach out to other like-minded individuals. Social media platforms allow you to showcase your skill set by allowing you to upload content to engage with others and ultimately raise awareness to you as a trainer. Most social media platforms these days are easy and accessible for people to engage with which makes it a useful tool for learning, providing you are following the right fitness accounts.

The impact of social media


The increased rise of participation in sport and exercise:


Ever since the London 2012 Olympic Games there has definitely been a surge and rise in the participation of sport. London 2012 catapulted and inspired thousands of people through the huge success we had as a nation. There were plenty of inspirational performances showcased to millions of people around the world which has undoubtedly led to an increased rise in the participation of fitness and exercise. I know I have already touched on this but the evolution of social media has raised an unprecedented amount of awareness. As a nation, I do believe we are much more aware of the importance of staying fit and healthy. Check this article posted by the BBC “Sport England survey shows 750,000 boosts in participation” since London 2012.

The increased rise of participation in sport and exercise

The evolution of Fitness classes:


This is something that has definitely grown in popularity over the last decade. People now have access to classes like indoor cycling (spin), yoga, HOT Yoga (didn’t see that coming), Pilates, Bootcamps, circuit training, group training. There is literally something for everyone these days so options certainly are not limited. There are a couple of big benefits to attending fitness classes. Firstly, classes provide a fun sociable environment for you to meet new people whilst being able to keep fit and healthy. Secondly, classes are a great way for you to build adherence and keep you motivated through a group training environment. This article by the Telegraph on “The 7 big fitness trends from 2017” is worth a read.

The evolution of Fitness classes

Opportunities to keep fit has grown significantly:


There are endless opportunities and a variety of different ways people can keep fit and stay healthy. The rise of CrossFit and indoor cycling are perfect examples of modern-day changes to the world of fitness. With the vast amount of options out there for people to keep fit it’s really all about finding an enjoyable and sustainable way of making positive life choices. Find a sport or a way of exercising that provides you with enjoyment and a sense of achievement. An interesting article posted by Men’s Health on “The rise of CrossFit in the UK” showing the ever growing popularoty in this sport.

Opportunities to keep fit has grown significantly


My prediction for the future:


One area I know is developing all the time is the improvement of customer knowledge. The quality of coaching/personal trainer is improving all the time what with all the new studies and data surfacing. I think the standard of performances will continue to thrive as new information and recovery strategies enable us to excel in the field of fitness. You only have to look at how footballers, tennis players, golfers, and runners have evolved as examples. People are running quicker times, golfers are hitting the ball further, the pace of the premiership is quicker, and tennis players are crushing more aces. This is all down to a number of developments from better equipment to more advanced ways of training and recovering.

In regards to nutrition, my hope for the future is that we as a nation have a better understanding of ‘Fad Diets’ and quick fixes that lead us to bad decision making. We need a sustainable way of living where we can balance our nutrition in line with fitness, work, family and social life. I think people need to have a better understanding of calories and how they can factor in carbohydrates, fats, and protein into their diet. The confusing part is the number of diets that are out there, keto, low carb, intermitting fasting, vegan, weight watchers, Atkins, Paleo. Guess what? All these diets involve calories. One of two things is happening, food selection and the manipulation of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. You could also argue the time of day for intermitting fasting as there is generally a set window for eating as you fast for a certain period of time.

Finally, Something I hope for the future of this industry is that people see fitness as a lifestyle and not just a hobby. I want more people to shift their mindset from dreading the thought of exercising to actually embracing it and ultimately enjoying it. I also hope that the environments we train in are more positive and people make a conscious effort to help and encourage one another. Something I have witnessed in recent times is females having more confidence to step into the testosterone-fuelled sections of the weights room that are dominated by males. This is such an encouraging change to the industry and males can help push this further by supporting and being less intimidating.

My prediction for the future