It’s a results business… When I first qualified as a personal trainer my aim was to inspire and make a positive impact on as many people’s lives as possible. My mission has always been to educate and build a strong level of self-confidence in people. I’ve always wanted to make exercise a sustainable lifestyle choice for people to enjoy all year round without being overwhelmed by the ever growing changes within the fitness industry.

I’ve always believed in leading by example and if you practice what you preach, people will buy into the process. When people come to see me for help and guidance I feel a strong sense of responsibility to implement positive changes within the individual. One thing I have learnt over the years is that there is more than one way to skin a cat. I have worked with such a diverse range of individuals and in each and every client there is a variety of different approaches that can be taken in order to bring the most out of that person.

Within this post, I will discuss 5 key components that you must possess in order to achieve amazing results all year round. I’ve worked with a lot of clients over the last few years and every success story brings me a lot of satisfaction. I’m still hungry, I want to achieve more amazing results with clients that are willing to put the work in and transform themselves.

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This sounds so simple but it’s actually quite surprising how difficult people find this when trying to achieve their goal. Across the board, you do need a certain level of consistency in order for you to maximise your results. Adherence to training and nutrition will ultimately determine your rate of progression. This doesn’t mean your training frequency has to be 5-6 times per week all year round to see results if you applied yourself 3-4 times per week you can expect to see positive changes. Check out this article by Chris Zaino on “Consistency: The key to progress in your fitness program”.

Consistency - Results




I believe this to be another crucial component of anything in life and not just fitness related. If you don’t get to grips with this sooner rather than later it can be a huge road block preventing you from crushing your life objectives. Have you ever asked yourself the question, how many things have you NOT done or tried because you lacked self-belief? Your level of self-belief is never set in stone and everyone has the potential to change. Remember, you were born into this world with no sense of knowing what you could or couldn’t do. So, be brave and have the confidence to try things at least once and you will be surprised how far you can go. Check out a previous blog I did on “focus and begin challenging yourself” for more tips.

Self-Belief - Results


A vision/goal


Without knowing what you truly want to achieve or having something to focus on, how can you expect to pave the correct pathway?

Everyone should have a vision in life; but when we talk about vision what exactly do we mean? Vision is a mental picture of how we would like to see our future. Visualising allows us to have that burning passion to grow and improve as individuals. It creates a desire to give ourselves a sense of purpose. Having that dream helps add fuel to the fire so we can stay motivated and therefore inspires us to keep going at all costs.

From time to time we all set goals and targets whether they are short term or long term. In order for you to be successful in carrying out this process, you need to make a plan. Be accountable to yourself and plan out how you’ll get from A to B. Initially, you may not have the perfect plan in place, but nothing is ever set in stone and things are likely to change. Learning and adapting from what worked well and what didn’t will help you progress in the right direction.

A Vision/Goal - Results


Being Comfortable with the uncomfortable


Knowing how to live in the moments that are uncomfortable and unpleasant will yield better results in the long run. Going through tough and challenging experiences will always shape you as an individual and undoubtedly provide you with a life lesson you just can’t purchase from the shops. There will always be barriers and hurdles to overcome in your quest to achieving that vision you have longed for. Being able to identify the potential road blocks and re-directing the journey down a clear pathway will allow you to move in the right direction. One thing I cannot stress enough is not only having a strong work ethic, but also a strong mind-set in order to persevere through difficult moments.

I have already done a full blog post on this topic; follow the link for more information on “Being Comfortable with the uncomfortable”.

Being comfortable with the uncomfortable - Results




Being afraid to reach out to someone who has the knowledge to empower you with life changing information will only make the process much longer and less productive if you don’t take the opportunity. Having a willingness to learn and soak up information that can help make your goals and vision become a reality will ultimately shape your future. If you’re unsure whether personal training is right for you then check out this blog post I did on “Should you invest in personal training and what are the real benefits”.

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