Q. How busy is the gym?

A. The gym never gets overly busy to the point where it becomes difficult to use the equipment. Like any gym you get some busy spells and some quiet periods. I’ve never had a problem training clients due to the gym being too busy.

Q. What type of gym is Graft Haus?

A. From absolute beginners to high end athletes, Graft Haus has all bases covered. We have Olympic weight lifters, power lifters, bodybuilders, endurance athletes, and general gym goers wanting to keep fit. A fun and friendly atmosphere where gym members encourage each other to reach their targets and achieve their goals.

Q. What are the facilities like?

A. At Graft Haus we have a variety of additional facilities alongside the obvious ones like changing rooms, lockers, water fountain. We have an Infrared sauna, on site physiotherapist, 3D scan (body fat %, posture analysis, lean mass etc), coffee lounge area with free WIFI and plug sockets for laptops to do work.

Q. What happens to my sessions if I’m away on holiday or off sick?

A. If you’re away on holiday or you’re unable to train due to illness, your sessions will freeze that week. So you won’t lose the sessions you paid for and will carry over to the next week.

Q. What should I expect from a consultation?

A. Don’t panic! There’s no written exam or practical test. The sole aim is to gather as much information from you as possible so I can recommend the appropriate training programme. We will discuss your exercise history, aims and targets, get an understanding of your nutritional habits, and finally answer any other questions you may have.

Q. How do you monitor clients progress?

A. Something I always expect my clients to have with them at training sessions is a gym log book. You will never see a client of mine walking around the gym without one. At the beginning of each session you will hand me the log book and I will take care of the rest. It’s important for me to log everything you do in order to successfully add a progressive overload to your training. The book is there to hold you accountable and ensure you are progressing from week to week.

Q. Can I arrive early to warm up?

A. Yes, you can arrive up to 15 minutes before the session and use the studio to stretch off. You can also hop on the cardio equipment too if required.

Q. Is there free onsite parking?

A. There is an accessible, large and free car parking space.