The 10-Week Transformation Programme has been hugely popular and successful over the years with many people achieving some incredible results. I will provide you with an education that sets you up for long-term success. Expect a high level of attention to detail that will bring a challenging but highly rewarding experience.

My role is to ensure you have the best experience possible. This is all about you and the journey you’re on. I’m here to support you on the tough days and celebrate the successes along the way.

I believe in evidence based exercise and nutrition programmes that lead to a result. The mission is to help you find a sustainable way of exercising that’s enjoyable, rewarding and life changing.


Programme Breakdown

During the process, Chris has demonstrated an undeniable energy to lift me on the tough days, in-depth knowledge on movements, to not only tell me what to do but to educate me, and a good sense of individualisation with him tailing his approach/diet and exercise plan to meet my needs.

Joe M, Starting weight 73.2kg and now 77.8kg after 12 weeks

“I immediately fell in love with exercise again. Chris is a great personal trainer and you walk away after each session feeling massively motivated. From learning a new exercise, to understanding how each movement benefits the muscle group being trained.”

Stacey C, Lost 5.9kg in 8 weeks
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  • Welcome Pack & Calorie Guide

  • Recipe Books

  • MyFitnessPal Guide

  • Tailored Nutritional Plan

  • Cooking Skills Guide

  • Smoothie Book

  • Physio Therapy Session (Optional)

  • Keto, Plant-based & Vegan Book

  • Gluten-Free Book

  • Periodised Programme

  • Additional Programme Support

  • Cardio Schedule

  • Infrared Sauna (Recovery)

20 Sessions

  • 2 x 1hr Sessions Per Week
  • £52 per hour

30 Sessions

  • 3 x 1hr Sessions Per Week
  • £50 per hour

40 Sessions

  • 4 x 1hr Sessions Per Week
  • £48 per hour

Pricing Table


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