After four weeks you will not only be ready for the next challenge but you will have built a solid foundation for taking your fitness journey to the next level. In other words, one month from now you will have improved your body composition and fitness.

Whether you’re out of shape and need to get back on track or you’ve never stepped into a gym before, this programme will give you quick results.


Programme Breakdown

After 3 months of training 4/5 times a week and constantly asking Chris questions about my diet which he always took time out to help me with, I finally kind of understood what I needed to do…and that was to eat more. This worried me a lot, however, Chris reassured me it was the right thing to do and calculated exactly how much protein, carbohydrates and fats I should be having based on my current body composition.

Aimee Le Masurier, Successfully reduced body fat after 4 weeks
Aimee la Mausier - 12 Weeks Personal Coached

“So impressed with my experience with Chris! He’s Professional and personal, kept faith in me even when I felt like giving up! He knows when to push and also when to hold you back if you get carried away with yourself.”

Tony Vyse, Lost 8kg in 4 Weeks
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  • Adapted High Intensity Training

  • 24/7 Support

12 Sessions

  • 3 x 1hr Sessions Per Week
  • £55 per hour

16 Sessions

  • 4 x 1hr Sessions Per Week
  • £53 per hour


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